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Outside My Door

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Sexy Shekerah Patterson has the hottest show on cable TV in Los Angeles. Shekerah’s Spot is a wildly popular after-hours show which promotes women’s sexual liberation. Over the years the sexy vixen has grown accustomed to fans that get a little out of control. But when a stalker sets his eyes on her, she turns to the Los Angeles Police Department for help. Sergeant Trevor Hawkins believes Shekerah is just another spoiled b-list celebrity, that is until he get assigned to her case and instantly falls under her spell. After a couple of so called dates gone wrong, Shekerah has lost interest, but Trevor is madly in love. Soon, the protector becomes the stalker when he decided that he must her at any cost. He uses very weapon in his arsenal to try and convince Shekerah that they belong together. Shekerah quickly runs into a blue wall of silence when she turns to the law for help against one of their own. She learns there’s no escape from a stalker with a badge.

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