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Gold n' Rain

272 pages4 hours


Vince retires from the Seattle police department, fed up with the red tape, and tired of the rainy weather. He finds an amazing discovery under his new home near Phoenix, that might tie into the strangest murder case he's ever seen. Vince can't leave it alone, he has to get involved, so he volunteers his services. The poor county takes him up on his offer, then the trouble starts. He winds up with many miscreants wanting him dead, but he's well trained, and gets prepared, he sends many to their just reward, but now his new girlfriend is somehow involved, which he doesn't find out until she shows up at his door wounded and bleeding. This ticks Vince off more than when the miscreants come after him, so he quits playing defense and goes on the offense, he'll show these scum how he deals with bad boys when no rules apply... if they don't kill him first. Mystery, mayhem, romance, and humor, this book has all that and more.

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