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Agiliste: Gerade Aus

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In the prequel novel to the mobile game (to be released in 2011). Former industrial spy Claire Denali is struggling to normalise her life after a near escape from nanotech-induced madness.

"He promised you, all that time ago, that he would never ask you to do this again. He PROMISED. But he couldn’t keep it. No matter how nice a guy Mike seemed to be on the outside, on the inside he might as well have been all wires and circuits. The reputation of his beloved Corporation was at stake and reputation must be upheld at all costs. You know that. You hate it. But you know Mike is right.

So you flip the switch, and the bubbly but wickedly efficient Claire the executive staff knows so well is gone. The last flicker of her prays fervently it’s not forever, but there are no guarantees. The tears barely have the chance to dampen your eyes before the transition from Personal Assistant to Personal Assassin is complete.

You have skills, skills those idiots in pinstriped suits never even guessed at. Through the elite technology of the Cortical Overlay they bolted to the inside of your skull, you can pull new talents, you can go from expert marksman to billy-club wielding thug in an eyeblink. You can walk as silently as a cat, make a marathoner look like he’s taking a walk in the park, hack computers and access information at the speed of thought. But for all of that, there are bigger, badder things out there. They hide in the lucycrete and frosted glass mazes of corporate empires where it is almost impossible to pry them out of their holes and bring them into the light. That’s okay. Your job is to find them. Mike’s is to crush them underfoot. Predatory corporate justice."

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