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Peculiar People

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Peculiar People is a heartfelt and inspiring journey through ten chapters of "ideas" and reflections on what it truly means to walk with Christ, living your live in harmony with His grace and love. The book is almost poetic at times as Villamor presents a kind of stream of consciousness that might arise from his own daily prayer or meditation on the meaning of his life with Christ. Yet far from being a series of inspiring passages, or reflections on scripture, the reader will soon perceive the challenge at the heart of the author's wisdom, a challenge that is a call to action, gentle but demanding, for Villamor is uncompromising when he asserts that the "Jesus Way" is not the way of life so many Christians have become accustomed to in this world. As Jesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,” and for Villamor, and every Christian professing to follow Christ, that single statement must stand as the central meridian of life. Yet the humility and honesty of the author’s reflections bear witness to his humanity: “The Lord knows that I have never been consistently good at following the Way, but by the grace of God I have at least discovered it, and am able to discern that there is no other way worthy of our devotion.” As one of its primary tenets, the book embraces the idea that what makes a person “peculiar” in the biblical sense is their likeness to Jesus Christ in behavior, disposition and intention. Are you one of the Peculiar People? If so, you will resonate with everything this book has to offer. If not, you will find here a gently awakening wisdom that will lead you to the same inner truth that guides the author's life with quiet certainty.

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