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Single Jeopardy: Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #1

301 pages4 hours


Peter Sharp isn't your usual type of attorney unless you consider getting divorced, disbarred, thrown out of your house, and disgraced, all normal for a practicing lawyer.

In this first of the 15-book series, we join Peter while he tries to find out who framed him, why his wife threw him out, and how to make ends meet.

He also gets involved with a case of Negligent Nymphomania, a ground-breaking new tort cause of action Peter finds himself drawn into.

Making matters worse is the fact that his sole
source of income - a former classmate, winds up
dead; the man accused of murder by jealousy
winds up his romantic rival, and Peter winds up
getting appointed legal guardian of a precocious
12-year old girl who tries to solve the crimes
before Peter and the police can.

You'll enjoy matching wits with Peter Sharp's legal ward Suzi, a 13-year-old adorable little Chinese girl who's a computer whiz and can usually beat all the adults in figuring out the solutions to each case Peter gets involved with.

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