Start Reading Reason of Sanity: Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #2

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Attorney Peter Sharp gets retained to defend a
man accused of capital murder. The thing that
makes this case a little harder to defend than
most others are that the client's acts were cap-
tured on videotape, he confessed to the police,
and he wants to plead guilty.

To make matters worse, the District Attorney's
office has brought in a special prosecutor for the trial: Peter's ex-wife Myra. Peter is also hired to represent an insurance company, to defend it against a man who slipped and fell while inside a bank that was coincidentally robbed later that
same day.

In this adventure, while Peter is retained to represent Vinnie, the prolific, peeing pornographer.

He also helps solve several bank robberies by
catching the entire gang, and meets a gentleman
who runs an autopsy store - all with the help of
his legal ward, the adorable 13-year-old
computer wizard Suzi.

You'll enjoy matching wits with little Suzi, who can usually solve the crimes before any of the adults can... as she does in all of the 15 books in the Peter Sharp Legal Mystery Series.

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