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Dark Dreams Of Love

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Just for women! Dark Dreams Of Love, a collection of exciting paranormal romances and thrilling dark fantasy and science fiction stories, all designed for the discerning woman. This anthology includes:

A Confederate Yankee In Annabelle’s Court, a time travel romance. Annabelle spies a strange light in a nearby abandoned farmhouse. Little does she know it will lead to another time and a lost love. But is he destined to die in the final battle of the American Civil War, and long before she is even born? Does their love have a chance?

Blue Murder, a "who-dunit" set aboard a luxury star ship, where the heroine rushes to solve the mystery of a murdered heiress, before she herself is killed. Kieren, whose original home is Mumbai, India, is a "hotel detective" aboard the luxury liner. And it is on her shoulders the difficult task of solving the murder falls.

A River Darkly a fictional ghost story based on true events. Set in the early 20th Century of Scotland, this is a tale of ghosts haunting a river, of a lonely young woman whom they beckon to join them in their watery graves.

Green Waters, an historical and different sort of ghost story. Set in 19th Century Pennsylvania, this tale invokes real historical tragedies to lend an air of spooky authenticity to it. What is the meaning of the vision of an old woman drowning? What does it portend? Is it just a recurring nightmare or a dreadful warning?

Serpent Caravan is the tale of a young woman, who along with her friends tries to survive a journey on a truly hostile world. Can they find a home, or is it impossible? And even if they do, is it worth the effort after they learn the terrible secret of why they were sent there?

Lost Beacon Of The Vanished, a cozy murder mystery set in space, where Dame Elpram tries to solve a baffling murder case. Twin brothers, one dies in front of many witnesses and so it can't possibly be murder, or can it? It is up to Dame Elpram to figure out opportunity, method, and motive--if any.

Light On The Moor, a paranormal romance novella of a young woman, who having fled war-torn, WWII London, now finds herself lost on the foggy moors. There, she spies a strange light. Is it a will-o'-the-wisp, or a chance for true love? But if so, at what terrible price? And why do her parents act so strangely of a sudden? The answers lie in The Light On The Moor.

The Crossroads Ghost, a fictional paranormal romance novella, and a great ghost story, but one based on an actual crossroads grave on the English moors--still there to this day. Legend has it the young woman buried there committed suicide, but why? And who is the hooded figure seen mourning her grave late at night. Our heroine must find the answers if she ever hopes to resolve the mystery, and lay the spirits to rest. Along the way, can she find love for herself?

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