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Off Our Rockers: A Tale of Two Grannies

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In 1983 Janis and Louis began their walk around the United States from Nevada to Washington DC to California and back to Nevada. Janis was 61/62, and Louise was 57/58. It took them more than a year to complete the journey, and during that time they were interviewed by President Reagan in the White House—wearing their backpacks and looking like a mountain women. They were interviewed by many newspaper reporters, radio stations, and TV networks, congressmen, and congresswomen during their travels. Even when they first started, a slew or reporters and a congressman from Nevada met with them on Hoover Dam.
Janis wrote a book of their adventures as they traveled (well written), but she could never find an agent who was interested, and she never found a publisher to publish her book.
Last year she died at the age of 87. So, I have decided to publish her book for the eReaders.
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