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Forty-Six Meditations: for the Thinking Chief Executive

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As I look back over my experiences, the ones that I value above all are the times when I was able to help others. My fondest memories are of those times when a CEO faced a challenge that was truly daunting and was, with my help, able to overcome that challenge and grow in capability and understanding far beyond what they thought they were capable of. In a real sense, these books are written for those leaders who find themselves in similar situations - facing challenges that they are not sure they can overcome. The message that I very much want to communicate is ‘Yes, you can overcome. Yes you can grow in mastery, understanding and knowledge. You can become so much more than you are.”
This first volume is written as a series of ‘thinking pieces’. Although there is an overall plan for the book, each chapter is designed to bring an issue into high relief and to help the reader get their mind around both the challenge and the way forward. I expect that you will find some of the chapters somewhat obscure at first but I urge you to persevere. No complex issue is mastered by a simple reading of a chapter or two. It takes thinking - reflection - living with new ideas - before some yield and real growth is possible.
We have all had the experience. Sometimes it takes weeks, months or even years to digest important lessons. Recently I finally came to understand something that a mentor had tried to teach me more than a decade ago.
For what it is worth, I suggest that you resist the temptation to ‘blow through the book’. At the core of each chapter is a suggestion that will lead you to reconsider how you have been approaching a particular challenge and how you might change your behavior, approach and understanding so as to master it. Impatience carries a terrible cost when it comes to such changes in behaviors. The time you spend thinking about each chapter will prove much more valuable than the brief time you spend reading it.

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