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Under the guidance of Anthony De Angelis, MS RD, LN/D many people have discovered how to beat this disease. I based this book on his knowledge & the knowledge of other experts in the field.

As a science educator & avid researcher, I have found that there are a vast array of cures & preventatives out there. For 30 years I have researched, collated & bring to you this vital lifesaving information in layman’s terms.

There are alternatives to poisoning your body & preventing these tragedies from attacking you & your loved ones. You owe it not only to yourself, but to your family as well, to take every opportunity to live healthy, eat healthy, & become consumer educated, as to what is out there to prevent & cure cancer.

This is a book that contains a huge amount of knowledge and information gathered from the most extraordinary minds on the subject of preventing and curing cancer.

I have learned that medical treatment in exclusivity, may be a mistake since, for all but a few cancers, the survival rates and the degree of severe side effects are not favorable.

While oncologists would like their treatments to be exclusive ones, there is more than ample evidence that the use of anti-oxidants and certain amino acids improve the quality of life during those treatments.

Readily available to all of us are treatments that can be used as primary and complementary modalities. For example:

Beta Glucans, which are derived from mushrooms, not only improve the immune system, but do so without side effects. Beta Glucans have been used successfully for centuries.

Vit. E causes a natural programmed cell death of unhealthy cells.

Maiake Fractions have specific antitumor actions, slowing the growth of tumors in the breast, colon, lungs, stomach, liver, prostate, brain and many other organs.

Vit. D3 reduces the spread of cancer cells by causing them to self destruct. Interestingly enough, when tested, cancer patients have very low Vit. D levels

Simply speaking cancer cells love sugar. Why then do we see cancer patients who are taking Chemo therapy treatments being offered Sodas and cookies?

The amount of research in this book is all that you will need to get started on your way back to a healthy life style.

In spite of a strong family history of cancer, I am cancer free and have learned how to stay that way! You too can be cancer free!

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ISBN: 9781452499246
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