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The Lodge
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In a secret Pakistani prison, Patrick Ferrier witnesses a new interrogation technique-a prisoner sits in a room alone, then detailed intel starts scrolling up a computer screen. Moments later, Ferrier watches as everyone else in the room drops dead for no apparent reason.

Less than 24 hours later Ferrier finds himself in Montana at a hunting lodge--the headquarters for a unit of psychic agents with the ability to launch their consciousnesses across the world.

Shortly after he arrives, the entire place is subjected to a psychic assault. The agents are paralyzed and the ‘civilians’ are taken over, leading to a bloody battle where Ferrier must team up with Tom Kohler, a psionic prodigy, to fight off the initial assault. But they discover that this devastating attack was merely a probe, and the full assault will follow in about eight hours.

However, the survivors refuse to simply wait. They launch a preemptive counter-attack-and discover that they have an unwitting traitor in their midst. To survive this ambush Tom must launch his consciousness into the deep quantum structure of the universe.

The Lodge is a 20,000 word (115 page) psychic-technothriller novella.

About the Author
After the tedium of high school, and inspired by the great anti-war film Apocalypse Now, Steve Peterson joined the army. He served at Fort Benning, Georgia, on the demilitarized zone in Korea, and at the National Training Center in the Mojave desert. After escape, he realized that sitting in a classroom wasn't so tedious after all and studied philosophy at UCLA, USC and Rutgers University-where he studied philosophy of space & time, philosophy of quantum mechanics, and cognitive science because philosophy simpliciter just wasn't obscure enough.

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