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A Puppy's Progress

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A mistake from birth, half Lab, half Rottweiler, weaned in a puppy mill and dubbed "Star" for the white furry blotch on her chest, the valiant pooch unwittingly becomes the "bag man" in a diamond heist when the thief, hoping to hide the stones from his greedy wife, implants them under the puppy's skin. After Star is mistakenly sold the bumbling villains set off to retrieve the diamonds, but are bested at every turn by our lovable canine hero.

T.L. Peters crafted a moving, educational animal adventure story. This is a dog-lover's fiction - written for a young adult audience. Any young person who loves animals, or wants to own a dog should read this book.
--Lillian Brummet

“T.L. Peters' way of writing is wonderful.” Kyanara

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