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The Private Island

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This romance novel "The Private Island" is unlike any other and is set in beautiful Savannah Georgia,and explores the journey of of a love between a man and a woman from their very youth up to adulthood together. It has clean language throughout the whole book and is not graphic at all. It will keep you guessing till the very end of what their fate will be together. Will it end with the two of them together in happiness, or will fate, time or something else bring their lives apart? This book will inspire you to follow your dreams and heart. It is filled with excitement, twists and
turns, very easy to read, and keeps a sense of humor. It is a timeless, classic, love novel to be enjoyed and shared. If you liked the movie, The Notebook, you will love this book. Please note that this book is copyrighted and may not be sold without the written consent of the author.

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