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Under the Mountain: Book III of The Sword of Bayne

177 pages2 hours


Bayne kul Kanon has climbed the mountain and traveled to another world. He has learned the secrets of his past, and he has suffered for gaining such knowledge.

He has been broken, the scars of a thousand wounds layering every inch of his body. But he wanders on, enraged.

Returning to the world of Ursia, he forges ahead on another quest, a search for an old friend, a priest of the god Ashal.

Yet Bayne now believes himself to be a god, a god of war, and he will brook no foolishness from mere mortals.

None are safe who face the wandering warrior. Gladiators, politicians, soldiers, even priests and women and children and the old must give way before this terror striding across their lands.

Only an aging wizard-priest and a warrior from another time might hold the keys to halting Bayne kul Kanon.

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