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Never Recovered: WWII Gold in the Himalayas

361 pages4 hours


Former intelligence operative and ex-Vietnam War soldier, social worker and teacher Tim Adams has spent five years in exile from both his time in Asia as well as an espionage mess that ended badly in San Francisco. When he was approached to assist a WWII veteran with “problems,” he had no idea how deeply it would involve him in the wars he left behind. Set in the bucolic streets of Santa Monica, the humid back areas of Bangkok Chinatown, and in the skies over northern Burma, Adams dodges triad activists, CIA operatives and his own ghosts as he attempts to help retrieve a cargo of gold (and incriminating documents) from the “Hump,” a pejorative term for the Himalayas. It is an action/adventure thriller that includes social commentaries on Southeast Asia, as well as a running battle that covers three countries and includes aerial combat.

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