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Do you want to make sure you pass the ITIL Foundation exam on your first try? You’ve come to the right place for help. iStudy ITIL Foundation Exam has been created by industry insiders to give you every advantage for full exam preparation with 420 sample questions with complete explanations and answers.

You’ve been working hard to get ahead but it’s been worth it. Soon, you’ll be certified and making strides in your career as an ITIL Expert. First though, you have to take the ITIL Foundation exam and it’s coming up. You’ve been studying the text books but you’re a little nervous, you want to do really well. You wish you could get some help to boost your confidence and prepare better.

You can stop wishing because help is here. It’s called iStudy ITIL Foundation Exam. This book has been especially designed by somebody who has passed the ITIL Exam and also contributes to the creation of the questions for the actual exam itself, so you can be assured that they're important questions to know and understand!

iStudy ITIL Foundation Exam is an authoritative study buddy. All answers are explained and page-referenced to the ITIL Publications, a feature not available to you in other ITIL books. This is a serious, thorough exam preparation book that you can trust. You won’t just know the answers, you’ll understand them.

So what do you get in this eBook:

* 420 sample practice exam questions and answers for the ITIL Foundation Exam
* A thorough explanation of each question and associated answer. This will ensure that you understand the question completely instead of just memorising the answer.
* Each question is page referenced to the ITIL Publications so that you can do further reading on a specific subject area.

Elsewhere you will pay 10 or 20 times more for similar books with far fewer questions and lower quality explanations.

So what have you got to lose? Get iStudy ITIL Foundation Exam today and pass that exam!

Published: Naoman Sheikh on
ISBN: 9781458005861
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