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A Dance in the Woods: A Mother's Insight

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The Brennans felt secure with 3 beautiful children, a home in the desert of New Mexico, and a wonderful marriage. Then tragedy struck. Their eldest daughter Kristen was admitted to a hospital with respiratory problems. Just days later, she suddenly passed away in the middle of the night plunging Janet into the depths of depression with inexplicable pain in parts of her body that she had never experienced before. To make matters worse, her military husband received orders to report for duty with his family to a small American community in the mountains of Northern Italy, resulting in the loss of their home and stability. Join the Brennan Family as they learn that life is filled with miracles, supra natural experiences, spiritual encounters and the beautiful lessons they learned from the Italian people living in their village. A deep and powerful question about eternal life is answered for the family and for the readers of this book.

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