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In Perfect Harmony

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When the legendary rock band Stardust holds open auditions to find a new, female dynamo to add to its line up, it turns out to be the chance of a lifetime for newcomer Becky Garrison.

In the blink of an eye, Becky is catapulted into the spotlight. On the brink of a national tour, she has a lot to learn about the rock industry, and even more to learn about her own heart. Despite overtures from heart-throb lead singer Stevie Wilson, it is the cool and charismatic drummer Kit Carlisle that has the greatest impact on Becky. If only they could stop fighting long enough to be friends...

On a journey that proves all that glitters is not gold, can Becky find both fame and love, and stay true to herself? And will Becky be able to share with the man of her dreams the secret that is the real driver of her ambition?

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