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Foods That Heal Osteoporosis

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There’s so much red tape and so many rules and regulations that it’s almost impossible to be positive in mainstream medicine any more.
Doctors only seem to be allowed to follow one, narrow path – and that path often leads to dead ends and slim chances. I mean, how many stories have YOU read where people have been told there’s no hope, only for a ‘cure’ to be found from outside conventional remedies?
Because I believe you CAN cure yourself of osteoporosis!
Yet, an estimated 75 million people suffer from osteoporosis worldwide. These figures do not include Asian statistics. One in three women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures as will one in five men.
And I think in many cases this suffering is totally unnecessary! As you’ll see when you work through this guide, there are many ‘hidden’ ways to treat osteoporosis , and as I hope to show you – CURE it!
While there have been great advances in modern medicine, there are some areas where modern medicine falls short. Some of the drugs prescribed for osteoporosis have nasty side effects. .
In the rush for quick remedies and cures, for their patients, I believe that medical professionals forget that the patient is the one who is in charge of his/her life. You are the one in charge of your body and your life. It is not the physician, or the doctor. It is YOU.
You are putting the food in your body. You actually CONTROL what you put in your mouth – and that can have a profound effect on ALL aspects of your health, including osteoporosis.
But if you suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia (the onset of osteoporosis) or someone who has just past menopause, and you want to take control of your life again, then this guide will help you enormously.
You will get to eat what you want but with the comforting knowledge that you are eating the right stuff for strengthening your bones. As far as possible, this guide will not disrupt your usual eating habits.
Finally you have a guide that is simple, easy to understand... no medical jargon.... Just straightforward and to the point.
You don’t need to be an ‘A’ student for you to understand this simple, compact and very very practical guide.
You can practically finish reading this guide in about an hour and a half: Because it is so easy to understand.. no jargon, no mysterious hydroxyapatite, medullary cavity, trabeculae, cancellous bone .....just simple everyday language and even better you get to apply all of what is said immediately.
Why try and remember everything about treating osteoporosis effectively when it’s all here in one place!
Whilst eating all that you like, you can CURE yourself of osteoporosis in a year and can start feeling the benefits within four weeks
One year may seem like a long time but if you think about it - people suffering from osteoporosis have to live with it ALL of their lives.
This guide will tell you all about:
* the Calcium that your body likes so much that it allows it to start working immediately in your body.
* the latest (and I believe rather dismal) medical finds about drugs for osteoporosis
* calcium alone is not enough for curing osteoporosis: what are the foods needed to provide the other minerals and vitamins essential to an osteoporosis cure.
* if calcium supplements are good enough
* what kind of milk products really work
* what key secret recipes to follow
* 15 recipes to inspire you.
The first few chapters focus on all the research and background on osteoporosis, why it occurs, what the causes of this condition are, along with the symptoms and the answers (albeit limited) that medical science has provided.
It’s good to know your enemy!’ and that you find knowing more about the condition helps you focus on beating it. But if they want to go straight to the remedies you can.
So if you want to get cured of your illness read on:

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