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In a Pirate's Arms

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They call him the Raven, the most feared pirate to sail the Atlantic, his black cloak swirling about him like the dark mystery that hides his identity. In the days preceding the War of 1812, his pirate ship swoops down on English frigates in tropical seas, and he takes what he wishes. But he meets his match in Miss Rebecca Talbot of Washington. Taken captive while accompanying her beautiful sister on a voyage to London, Rebecca makes a daring bargain. In return for her sister’s safety, she will become the Raven’s mistress.

What happens next stuns them both. Their time together is a revelation, a storm bound by flesh and spirit neither can control. But the day comes when Rebecca and her sister are rescued, and they must say goodbye. Back on land, Rebecca tries to get on with her life, until she hears a shocking bit of news: the Raven is dead.

But life still holds surprises for Rebecca, in the person of an unexpectedly attractive man, with secrets of his own. With events building toward war, she have the chance of a future, if she has the courage to grasp it. If she can forget finding a pirate’s arms.

“Pirates, the British Navy, and the new city of Washington provide a perfect backdrop for Mary Kingsley’s daredevil plot and heartlifting love story.” Romantic Times, 4 stars.

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