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Mandryl Brave Mountain

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Fairie twins,Ashlyn and Autumn Gale meet two gorgeous guys in the new town they just move to. They feel a strangeness in the town. They are drawn to Logan Greene a werewolf and Ryder Whitehorse a mind reader and healer, they don't understand at first what's happening. They also meet Rina a troll who becomes Ashlyn's best friend. They do know that the powers each of them have are getting stronger and the bond is unbreakable.
They soon find out that there will be more of them in to their circle. It is being forged so they can defeat the evil vampire, Dragomir, who is out to destroy everything Mareabella and Tekla have built. They are the two witches in charge of Mandryl Brave Mountain, and have made the surrounding town of Ridge Oak a safe place for all magical creatures.
They travel to Romania for find the last three of the group, Demetri a witch, Krill a genie, and Svetlana a fortune teller with magical powers given by Krill.
Follow the adventures of eight magical teenagers trying to live in a mortal world and how they conquer all the obstacles in their way.

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