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Atlantis The Eyewitnesses

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Many have believed that Atlantis was a myth created by Plato. Well Plato was not the first to write about it.

We have found a very much earlier document. It was written in 9619 BC, about 9,250 years before Plato’s writing.

This ancient document is believed to be the oldest document that has survived almost intact down through the ages.

Using this ancient document we have located additional ancient documents, archeological finds and scientific evidence that provide convincing proof that Atlantis really did exist.
We structure the evidence in 3 groupings: when and how was Atlantis created; how, when and why Atlantis was destroyed; and further proof in terms of its location, ruins and its legacy.

Read and you will learn how and why the civilization of Atlantis was the basic foundation of the great Sumerian, Egyptian, Creek, and Roman civilizations that followed.

Atlantis was the foundation of all we are and all we know.

Read and you will become convinced.

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