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Valentine's Cafe

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The higher powers send the God of Love, Victor Valentine, to a frozen northern wasteland. His mission: spread the love.

Valentine's strategy is to open a restaurant. The food and wine, the potions at Valentine's disposal, the music, the waiters — all of it is directed at inspiring libidinous feeling among the clientele. Valentine's partner in scheming is his chef, the towering and volcanic beauty, Elevana Natasha Demidova. Nats. Together they succeed too well in turning the cafe into a wildly popular destination.

Inevitably, Valentine and the former Russian Mafia moll launch a tempestuous relationship of their own. Betrayal isn't far behind. By then, love trouble is just one of Valentine's problems. The minister across the street is eyeing Valentine's Cafe as a site for his mega-church. Picketers are on the sidewalk, the city councilman is aligned against him, and even the Governor has reason to help bring Valentine down.

The conclusion is a showdown between Valentine, Nats and her mobster pals, the councilman, the governor and half the neighborhood, all within the richly appointed confines of Valentine's Cafe. In this novel, if not in life itself, everyone gets approximately what they deserve.

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