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The Lost Worlds; Dark Heritage Saga III

297 pages4 hours


Fear is spreading.

The dark army of Enlokirim grows while the alliance between Yorshire and Midel begins to crumble.

Amras, Isla, Alliana, and Page continue the journey to seek out the remaining Triangles of Power, but there are new enemies pursuing them; some with the power to rival that of the Gods.

Lauliss, Dineth, and Taniyan hurry to cross the Scission Mountains in hopes of rescuing the kidnapped Rosalyn lakenship; but a new burden fall on one of them, one which could spell doom for the rest.

Zara, on the road north alone, hopes to convince her former tribe to unite with Yorshire against Enlokirim; fearing what failure would mean.

When the world is falling into chaos, who will be victorious?

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