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In Book 1 of A Pirate's Legacy David Dolephene learns of his connection to the notorious 16th Century Pirate, the Dolphin. Here, is the story of how a six year old boy grows up to become that pirate.

The year is 1592 and Francois is a six year old orphan living on the streets of Saint-Nazaire, France. This is a hand-to-mouth existence with a soldier bent on capturing him for stealing food. Barely escaping with the help of an old sailor he finds the soldier standing over him the next morning about to kill him, but the sailor intervenes once again. Taken aboard ship, he learns the pirate trade living a challenging, but carefree life until eight years later his ship is sunk with all hands. Rescued by the attacking ship, Francois is sentenced to hang, escaping by jumping overboard. Carried by dolphins to safety, he finds himself on an island in the Canary archipelago where he must use all the skills at his command to survive. Fate and fortune help him become a prosperous land owner until an old pirate acquaintance abducts him. During the next two years he becomes a notorious pirate in the Caribbean with only one thought, returning to his wife and family, but his past will not leave him alone as he walks a fine line between two very different lives.

Published: Sean Patrick O'Mordha on
ISBN: 9780982984246
List price: $1.99
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