Thirst: A Collection of Short Fiction

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Thirst: A Collection of Short Fiction

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Length: 102 pages1 hour


Reviews: "Composed of twelve short fiction stories about human desire and want, Thirst captured my attention from the moment I began reading it. Ranging from a story about a professor's unquenchable thirst for young undergrad women to the enticing read of two women playing off each other in a bar to attract men, Linda Lavid's writing is sophisticated, masterful, and full of desire." Great New Books
"This short story collection is exquisite, exciting and a pleasurably fast read. Each story, although different in nature, is woven to the next with the common threads of infidelity, a multitude of flaws and the ever delicious...jealousy." Literary Lighthouse Reviews "I would recommend this book to book clubs. I think discussing which story is each person's favorite and why would be very interesting. And anybody can find the time to read "Jealousy". Especially for those who read during breakfast...Linda Lavid manages to write stories that are short and sweet, but branches out to the short and bitter, and manages to make them all short and startling." Reader Views
"The author has written a delightful collection of short stories, filled with a wide range of human drama. I especially enjoyed the author's notes at the end of each story, giving us a window into the creative process. Enjoy!" JTreat
"Linda Lavid's short stories are wonderful--mysterious, compelling, and populated by painfully human characters driven by fundamental needs. Lavid understands desire like few other writers. This book, like Rented Rooms, is well worth the time spent with it." GERoss

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