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The Intercessor Manual

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So, you're new to intercession and don't know where to start? Or, maybe you've been an intercessor for a long time, but still have lots of questions. The Intercessor Manual provides a wealth of information on the ministry of prayer that is prophetic in viewpoint, grounded in Scripture, easy to understand, and practical to the max!

Topics covered:

Your Call to Intercession
What Intercessors Do
The Bible Helps Our Intercession
The Power of Your Prayer Language
Prayer that Counts
Breakthrough Intercession: Receiving Our Answers
Spiritual Warfare
Our Spiritual Armor
The Prophetic Connection
Maturing in Prophecy
Intimacy with God
Avoiding Deception
You Don’t Have to Be Weird
Pastors and Intercessors
The Pastor Specialty
What Can You Expect as an Intercessor?
Appendix A – Hotline to Heaven: Hearing the Voice of God
Appendix B – Hearing from God Through Dreams
Appendix C – Recommended Resources

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