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The Psionic Man

149 pages2 hours


Al Rice awakens one morning to find himself healed of hemophilia, and is no longer HIV positive. He also learns that he has powerful psychic capabilities. In trying to learn how all this happened, he learns that Earth is being observed by three different alien groups.
Two of the groups are from the same planet and are at war with each other. They now struggle to control Earth for certain valuable minerals that have been depleted on their own planet.
The third group, the Zenin, is far more powerful than the other two and is sympathetic to Earth. However, their mission is solely to explore the galaxy, and their own laws forbid them from interfering with other cultures. Though they are powerful, they will not fight unless directly attacked.
Their captain goes out on a limb to contact Al Rice and warn Earth, but that is all he can do. Earth, of course, shrugs off all such warnings as the work of crackpots, so Al is all that stands between Earth and an alien invasion. His only allies are Sue Martinez and a handful of UFO investigators.
Finally, Al learns the secret of how he and a handful of other humans came to possess psionic power.
Al must find a way to use his new found powers to resist the aliens--who also have psionic powers.

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