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Creep into the pages to greet terror.
Killers and Demons is a collection of five horror stories where the gruesome murderers don’t get caught and evil triumphs.

What happens if you awake, afraid, alone and in complete darkness? If you find someone wants your heart for Valentine’s, literally? Or if you come face to face with evil on the dark streets of historic London? You would end up dead, of course.
Come spend some time with the homicidal and savour their kills, dance with demons as they hunt and watch the blood drip slowly, sweetly from their fingers.

Killers and Demons will send chills down your spine.

Published: A. F. Stewart on
ISBN: 9781458165220
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Killers and Demons - A. F. Stewart

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You Got To Have Heart

London, 1888

Victorian Shadows

Advent of Night

About the Author


I wish I had my eyes closed.

Then I’d know why I can’t see.

Everything is black, there’s no light, no shapes.

I’m blind.

And I don’t know where I am.

I’m sitting on a damp cold surface, my back against something hard; it feels like stone under my hands. Maybe I’m in a basement. I think I am alone, at least I can’t hear any sounds, in fact there’s no noise at all. It’s a perfect silence.

I don’t know how I got here.

Or where here is.

I’m so scared.

The last thing I remember is… being happy.

I was with Jeremy.

Jeremy, where’s Jeremy?!

What if he’s been…?

I reach out and my hand touches a hard surface, more stone, I think. I feel my way along the stonework to find four walls. I think I’m in a very small room, but I can’t locate a door. I try to stand, but my head hits a solid ceiling before I’m upright. I sit down again, the dread slowly crushing my thoughts. It can’t be true, I can’t be imprisoned!


I’m trapped!

I’m alone and I’m trapped!

What happened!

How did I get here!

And how do I get out!

Someone has to get me out!

I’m screaming now. I can’t help it. I’m in a nightmare and I don’t know how to wake up. I claw at the walls in a futile attempt to escape, but all I manage is to bloody my fingers. I stop and take a breath, to calm myself.

I need to figure things out.

To remember last night.

Was it last night?

I don’t even know how long I’ve been here.

Jeremy and I were celebrating our six-month