New New Testament Revelation

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New New Testament Revelation

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So here we are with everyone who knows little and believes which ever hype is hip at a time many have assumed is the end of time. It is not the end of time. Time has a long way to go in this universe before it even starts to get to adolescence. We are just now being born into consciousness after billions of years of evolution. People who proclaim the end is upon us are morons.

What is upon us is the end of an age. An age is a fairly random reference to astrological speculations. We are coming to the end of the age depicted by the two fish. How odd that Jesus was always on about two fish. Now we are coming to the next age of awakening. With all the idiocy in the world this may be hard to accept as a possibility. Maybe it is nonsense but it is what the books have been getting at.

Should we believe the books. No. We should, however, understand the books that have dictated the mind set of the western world.

Steve Howard's interpretation and critique of Revelation will answer most of the questions that can be answered. The truth of it is, most of Revelation is nonsense, paranoia or about a place and time many years ago. There are some things that still hold true and for that it is a book well worth understanding. And when a few have read this version it will be accepted as the version that most needs to be read to understand where we are now.

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