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My Ninjas: Choosing A Martial Arts School

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Many people dream about learning martial arts. When they finally take the plunge, they often jump in blindly, unable to articulate exactly what they hope to get from their training. This book helps students clarify their own training goals while providing objective ways to evaluate schools and questions for potential teachers.

My Ninjas: Choosing a Martial Arts School touches briefly on every major aspect of martial arts training and asks the reader to consider how the differences between school philosophies compare to the reader's own preferences. The book provides a framework for improving the alignment of students and schools. By making better school choices, students will be happier with their training.

Another goal of the book is to set realistic expectations for students. Martial arts are too frequently covered in a veil of mystery that exacerbates unrealistic expectations. All major myths are confronted directly and contrasted with practical advice that will help to ensure a student trains with a better understanding of the contexts in which their training can be meaningfully applied.

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