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Not So Brave

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This is a story of Sara Jones, a young girl who bravely conquers her fears in order to survive. Her greatest opponent is her own physical body. In spite of the odds against her, she only wants to lead a normal life and to love and be loved. A fiesty attitude and amazing spiritual strength keeps her from giving up. She is a fighter.

She begins her multifarious life as a fetus competing with an ovarian tumor for space inside her mother's womb. She grows up enduring a litany of killer maladies, including a combined heart and liver transplant. Along the way, her father nearly dies from a massive heart attack. She falls in love with a boy who dies from lung disease. A wealthy woman befriends her for a secret reason and takes her on trips in a private jet.

She endures the good, bad and indifferent world of hospitals with a positive-thinking wisdom where her spirit rules over her scarred, physical body. When she reaches her twenty-first birthday a revelation occurs bringing her to the realization that death is not always in vain.

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