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"With a jolt, Adalina awoke. Did I hear something? Looking into the sky, she noticed the small yellow sun Parris had caught up to and passed the red giant Darius. That meant that many minutes had passed, perhaps even an hour or more. She sat up and Mitheas stirred. When she stood up, Mitheas spoke, "What are you doing?"

"I feel sticky. I'm going to the lake to bathe."

"No! Don't leave yet. I feel like making love again."

"When I get back, baby."

"But, you'll be all wet and cold!"

She laughed, and said, "Another new sensation for us to experience."

Mitheas feigned a move toward her, and she jumped.

He laughed and said, "Hurry my love." He held his manhood out for her to see. "My manly pride needs your special attention."

* * * *

Freshly bathed and still dripping wet, Adalina came around the corner of a stand of trees, planning to run and jump into the waiting arms of her lover. Instead, three helmeted soldiers, with loaded spear-guns, were standing around him. She started to run to him when someone grabbed her from behind.

Adalina stomped on his foot and broke away, but another soldier grabbed her before she advanced three paces. Swinging her fisted right hand and connecting with her new assailant, she broke free once more only to find herself corralled by the original attacker, who'd recovered. He grabbed, and held both of her arms behind her, pushing her towards the other soldiers and Mitheas.

The leader spoke, "A Fala and a pretty one. Prince Mitheas, you know better than that. Co-mingling with Falas out of season is forbidden. Your grandfather, the king, will be sorely disappointed."

"As I am sorely disappointed in you, Cap'n Magis. Sneaking around and following me."

"The law is clear and applies to everyone. Even royalty. However, because of your status, I will grant you and your tramp Fala a favor. I will not mention in my report that you were seen fornicating the Fala."

* * * *

The next morning, the guards retrieved the lavender-tinged Fala maiden from her restraining cocoon. They led her barefoot over the cold stone flooring up stairs and through numerous hallways, occasionally pushing her in the back as they went. One of the guards would periodically provoke her by grabbing her breast or pinching her bun.

"Keep your filthy hands off me," she screamed at the harassing guard.

He laughed. "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes," he said. "Your good looks and sexy body won'na carry no weight wit our Lor."

With one in front and two behind Adalina, the guards led her through a huge pair of doors, into an enormous room. Dozens of spectators, many aristocrats, lined the carpeted path to the throne. The guards pushed the young Fala forward. Though she was small and naked she stood up straight as she passed the snickering, gossiping audience and approached the imposing king—the grandfather of her forbidden lover. The cruel guard seemed to take pleasure in personally pushing her forward and roughly throwing her down at the feet of Lor D'ana.

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