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Sex Sells

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Rodney has the ethics of an ice cube. Thoughtless and unconcerned about the people around him, he seeks the path of least resistance through life. This leads him to make a living preying off of innocent young woman, stealing their privacy without their knowing and selling it to the highest bidder on the Internet. Life is good, if meaningless, until the day he gets caught.

Cindy, one of his favorite victims, realizes what he’s doing and does some research on her own. She tracks him down and confronts them, then realizes along the way that something is wrong with her. Rodney’s a voyeur of industrial proportions and she has an incredible urge to explore an exhibitionist streak in her.

Teaming up leads them to discover a great many things about themselves and each other, things they never knew existed. Until one day they catch something on camera neither of them expected. Running from the scene of the crime, they don’t know if they can even dare turn to the cops. Indecision leads to hesitation and eventually the incident falls forgotten until the very people they witnessed capture Cindy and show up on Rodney’s door step demanding answers.

For every man or woman who’s been held in a position of weakness and inferiority Rodney stands as a champion. Pushed to the point where he can’t allow what’s happening to his friend to happen anymore, he does what we all hope we could do, he snaps. Embracing death as his only recourse, he risks it all to save, or avenge, the one he loves.

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