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The Secret of Recapture Creek

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A down at the heels author falls into the gambling scene of New York. He narrowly escapes with wise guy money, when a gunfight breaks out in a seedy tenement. Stopping in Kansas to visit the mother of his best friend, killed recently in an aircraft training accident near the end of the second War, he comes across papers the army has sent home from Arizona. The papers reveal that while mingling with a denizen of the Crystal Palace in war-time Tombstone, his friend might have become privy to the location of Spanish gold in the rural mountains of Utah. Abandoning his plan to re-settle in the West, he makes for the scene of the suspected Spanish gold cache believed to still be in Recapture Creek. But is it really the secret? And what else does he find?

One of this author's consultants had, as a boy, worked for Louis L'Amour as a guide in Southern Utah. His knowledge of the country and familiarity with the main characters in this book, enabled Darrell Egbert to write another fact based and fast paced novel in his natural first person style.

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