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The Last Goddess

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"I have never come across such a perfectly hidden and brilliantly effected [plot] twist. The author needs to be commended."
-CS Fantasy Reviews

"The Last Goddess is a very exciting, smoothly written adventure that will stay in my collection to be re-read someday, which is not something I offer to many novels."
-Doubleshot Reviews

After a thousand years of war and destruction, the Messiah has finally returned...or has she?

Ten years ago, Haven was the site of the final battle in a long and bloody war. Today it is called the City of Unity, and it remains the last, best hope for peace across the continent. But a city built upon diplomacy is a city filled with dark secrets, and for a calculating rogue like Nathan Rook, the buying and selling of critical information is a quick—and often dangerous—path to riches and glory. Since the end of the war, Rook has constructed a small underworld empire and helped maintain the tenuous balance of power between the two disparate religious factions battling for control of Haven.

Until now. When Rook discovers an ancient coffin and finds a living, breathing woman inside, he realizes that he may have stumbled across the greatest discovery in modern history—or the greatest hoax. From her ceremonial dress to her elaborate tattoos, the mysterious woman is the perfect incarnation of the Messiah, and she wields a power that defies the very laws of magic. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t remember anything, not even her own name.

Join in the epic fantasy adventure praised for its gripping action, seamless world-building, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The Shattered Messiah Trilogy begins with THE LAST GODDESS (145,000 words).

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