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Blood Wine

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Valerie Pendleton Hardaine has survived the death of his brother Kiernan and the loss of everything he has ever known before, even himself. And even though he tells himself that finding love with Justyn and Daeniel is more than worth the cost he's paid, it is still a battle for him to adapt to his new life as a vampire.

Then, when he thinks that he has finally found his place in the world, the human race is viciously attacked by aliens bent on genocide. The only choice is the exposure of a secret that has been kept for as long as there have been humans--the existence of vampires, lycanthropes, and Others.

Set between "Visions of Blood & Shadow" and "Tears of Blood & Glory," this bridging novel can stand on its own, covering decades of Valerie's new life. From flighty young man to soldier that will do anything, this is what shaped him in-between.

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