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Undersee Sud

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A young boy the son of a poor builder in Bremen has to join the Wermacht (Army) to gain an education. He becomes an artillery officer and is transferred into the new Luftwaffe. In Spain he gains an Iron cross with The Condors and meets The Fuhrer.

As war starts he is transferred by The Fuhrer to a Field Marshall as his aide-de-camp, and helps his boss fight the war to great victories for The Third Reich. He produces an escape plan for senior people as a personal folly exercise.

He is ordered to go to Auchswitz to select women for whores in the senior officers brothel. He falls in love with a girl and smuggles her back to Berlin as a whore. Later his father's friend a priest in Bremen marries them and looses the paperwork.

As Germany is collapsing his absurd escape plan is put into action and he leads the escape via Norway to Argentina by aircraft and submarine. A VIP and a woman travels with them and goes into open prison status in the Andes mountains.

He becomes The General of all Germans in Argentina, for the new Federal Germany; to keep things quiet so as not to spoil the new Germany's prosperity.

After many years as a successful businessman in Argentina, he is awarded a gold medal by Federal Germany; but at the celebration in Argentina; his wife is set up by Israeli intelligence to kill the VIP but the gun mis-fires and kills her husband The General.

She is tortured to death by the Nazis and joins her husband forever in the Cosmos- together for ever.

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