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Change Done Well

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The history of software engineering is riddled with failed attempts to improve quality and productivity without first creating a supportive environment. Many managers spend their money on tools, methodologies, outsourcing, training, and application packages, but these managers rarely spend anything to improve the way in which these hoped-for improvements are adopted and used correctly.
From systems thinking to project management to technology transfer to the interaction of culture and process, Change Done Well analyzes transformation from a broad range of perspectives, providing a breadth of awareness essential for successful transformation to high-quality software creation.
Topics include:
Starting Projects Correctly
Sustaining Projects Correctly
Terminating Projects Properly
Building Faster By Building Smaller
Protecting Information Assets
Managing Design
Introducing Technology
The Diagram of Effects
The Software Engineering Cultural Patterns
The Satir Interaction Model
Control Models
The Three Observer Positions
and much more

IEEE Software says: "If you're grappling with how to improve software development and especially how to improve managing software development, then this might be the right book for you."

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