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Faces in the Sand

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On a fall day in 1950, five-year-old Portia Welby watched her father disappear into the crowd during a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. All she remembers growing up are the roughness of his hands and the color of his eyes. The rest is locked away by a mother who lived with the shades pulled down. He was a spy, a movie star, maybe even a prince, but she is plagued by endless, unanswered, questions. Who was he and why did he abandon her? Twenty-five years later, she receives a mysterious call from an unknown grandmother who tells her he is dying and needs to see her. She finds herself in an old house and given three large trunks which contain letters written by her father when he was a soldier during World War II. The letters put her on a journey through his life as he struggles with the weight of history, the loss of innocence, and the hope of forgiveness. Along the way, she discovers herself and the family she never knew.

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