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21 Games for the Mind That Won’t Shut the $%&* Up!

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From the Bible to The Secret. From Emerson to Eckhart Tolle. From churches to 12-Step to psychiatric couches. Offers of relief from a mind at war abound in every language and in every medium. From Seagram’s to CNN, Playboy to plastic surgery, the 4AM infomercial to anywhere-but-here.
Are you tired of racing from one magic bullet to the next? Are you worn out from fear? Have religious devotion and medical diagnoses failed to find a cure for you? Are you ready to give up on any possibility of living a “normal” life, much less a happy, creative and prosperous life?
21 Games for the Mind That Won’t Shut the $%&* Up! offers Zen-simple and remarkably effective tools for refreshing your tired and over-worked mind. In this book, you will find the relief you seek from worry, sorrow and self-abandon. These quick and easy games offer you an effective way to re-friend your mind, and yourself, through play.

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