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Kissed By Fire

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Kissed By Fire chronicles D.C.I. Leo Swan trying to steer his life back on course after being shot, but the cases keep mounting.
A fetish-driven serial-killer.
A father out to revenge the sadistic abuse that led to the death of his wife and daughter.
Four more murders.
A major crime family.
Drug dealing and more murders.
A vigilante gang, beatings and a murder.
To add to this he is suffering Post-Traumatic Shock and a chance meeting with an old lover brings memories of an illegitimate son who didn’t live long and how he failed both.
To further add to his woes he cannot control his temper and beats up the fetish-driven serial killer, two bouncers, two youths and ends up in hospital.
Then things really start to go wrong.
Kissed By Fire chronicles a police horse shot and killed, and the rider, Nikki Palmer, subsequently injured, the Mounted Division divided and demoralised by an inexperienced new C.O. and Nikki abducted by the serial-killer and nearly killed.
Kissed By Fire chronicles two families devastated by drugs, sees two kinds of vigilantes taking action.
Kissed By Fire chronicles a riot.
Kissed By Fire chronicles hope and sacrifice.
But most of all revenge.

774 pages.
208535 words.
Contains adult sexual material, themes and language.

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