The Lottery Ticket: A Novel

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The Lottery Ticket: A Novel

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars1/5 (1 rating)
Length: 347 pages4 hours


Seventeen year old Jason Breezey lost his mother when he was eight. Now, he loses his father just months before graduating high school. But unknown to him, his father may have purchased the winning ticket to the largest undivided jackpot in lottery history just days before his death.

Unfortunately for Jason, Martin Chesterfield, The CEO of the firm his father worked for, finds out about the winning ticket. Fueled by greed and power, Martin will stop at nothing to find the ticket and claim the historic prize for himself.

Before long, others join in the hunt for the mysterious ticket, a hunt that leaves everyone's life hanging in the balance. In this mystery/thriller, loyalties are tested, alliances become fluid and scruples are put to the test for everyone. Only one thing remains certain... everyone is set on being the one to find The Lottery Ticket.

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