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Communicator groups are needed. The leader is known when he or she uses the power of the group to make someone hear them. That one becomes their center. The past is taken from those judged criminal without hope of rehabilitation and they are placed with groups who haven't yet taken a center. They are sentenced to be loved.

It was a new place and Tass was a bit nervous and looking around, before he talked to anyone. The big man said exactly the wrong thing.

Sharon Reddy:
"This hero is a boy who never got to be one. A raving idealist, who had to make himself worthy of Pritt's helpless adoration. He's sure Tass says it just the right way in brief monologues. Communicators are adults. It's inescapable when they take a center. The job was waiting for the one who took Pritt. Could anyone else?"

About books by Sharon L Reddy, reviewers said:

"The author is a fine wordsmith who possesses a marvelous imagination."

Raven's Reviews:
"...unique, fast-paced style ...allows one to read almost as fast as one can think."
"...romantic brain-candy... If you like almost any kind of men at all, you'll like hers..."

Mistress of the Dark Path:
" will also notice your mind is stimulated."
"...designed for a more educated and worldly crowd."

R. Cagle:
"I got hooked immediately."

Marji Holt:
"The characters came out of the books and into my dreams."

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