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A Parallel Path

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2002. Waking up naked next to someone she barely knows, after a wild night out, Nastasha realises she has just lost something she can never recover. And it’s not just her shoes. Running away, she ends up following the old pilgrim’s road from Arles to Santiago de Compostela. 1,500 kilometres. Barefoot. While walking helps her come to terms with herself, she is troubled by disturbing dreams that predict the future, and frightening visions of a boy crossing her path in another, darker time.

1348. First to come down with the plague, Dominic survives to find himself alone. Nowhere to go, he stays on to help at the hospital in Avignon, where he feels increasingly lost and out of place. Blaming himself for his father’s death, he sets off to Santiago, where his mother abandoned him at birth 13 years ago, in the hope of finding out who she was, who he is, and where he belongs. A lonely pilgrimage under the shadow of the black death that will test his spirit and his faith.

Though centuries apart, Nastasha and Dominic share more than the path under their bare feet. More, in fact, than they may wish to find out...

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