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Underneath the Mistletoe

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Spicy Novelette - Scott Helling allows his best friend, Tiffany Ashby, to talk him into playing Santa for a group of children at the local shelter, while she plays Santa's helper. He can hardly function once he sees her in the green, shorty skirt. What he really wants Tiffany to help him do involves hot nights and cool sheets rather than passing out Christmas gifts and keeping his distance. Exactly when did he begin thinking of Tiffany as his would-be lover rather than his best friend?

Tiffany has waited ages for Scott to see her in a romantic light, and not only as his best friend. Watching him play Santa for the kids with energetic flair, and kindness where needed, makes her love him even more. If only her own Christmas wish for a life with Scott could come true.

When circumstances force a passionate kiss underneath the mistletoe, will their relationship finally change? Can best friends turned lovers find their happily-ever-after?

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