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Jamaican Gal

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As far back as she could remember Sandra’s life has been a revolving door for family members to enter and exit, with promises that were never kept. The only one she knew that she could count on was her Grandmother. That was until her father, who has been absent for as many years as she could remember reappears and whisk her from her simple paradise of mango and guava trees in the tropics of Jamaica to the fast-moving, unfamiliar streets of New York. Looking forward to residing in a land of milk and honey with riches beyond her dreams, Sandra was apprehensive yet eager to begin her new life.

Not in a million years did she imagine that this new life would closely resemble a horrific Cinderella tale with a dark sinister twist, making her life a living hell. With each agonizing day in her new home bringing her closer to the brink of self-destruction, Sandra begins to wonder if she has the strength to withstand the crushing blows dealt by her so-called loved ones. Follow her journey as she is forced to find ways to dodge the bullets of the life she’s come to know and keep her past from destroying her future.

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