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Forgive 490

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Screwed by your boss again? Swindled by baby-faced "Entremanures"? Stalked by a raging CEO Narcissist? Jilted by a judge? Lied to by a luscious lover? The Forgiveness Workbook “Forgive 490,” by Chandra Jayne Copyright 2011 is everyone’s guide to feeling better, lighter, faster. This workbook includes the deceptively simply “490 PRACTICE” (Jesus said to forgive 70 x 7). Let's face it, we're here to clean up a planet of betrayal! Now you can GET OVER IT!

"Forgive 490" is used in group retreats or as an individual meditation. Great for emotional and spiritual healing. Used all over the world by healers, therapists, breathworkers, rebirthers, Reiki Masters, churches, massage therapists, shamans, and ordinary people who want a do-it-yourself way to experience peace of mind.

Remember, forgiveness is for you, to make you feel better. Forgiveness does not condone the pain or betrayal inflicted on you by another. Forgiveness tells your body, mind, soul, and spirit that you will no longer be held hostage by anyone, by any memory, or any kind of pain or trauma. Forgiveness offers victory energy to the Spirit, no matter what your spiritual beliefs or orientation.

Clinical studies have validated what sages have known for centuries—Forgiveness works, forgiveness heals. Active forgiveness prevents and heals illness. The rush of internal emotional and healing energy activated through forgiveness can heal every kind of problem, including physical, emotional, mental, and financial distress. Use this book to start your own "4GIVE 490" community today!

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