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Addie and the Gunslinger by Celia Yeary - Ex-gunslinger Jude Morgan lands in jail in a West Texas town. On the fourth day, a beautiful woman, Adriana Jones, claims he is her worthless husband who married her, but never came home.
The young woman makes a bargain with Jude in front of the sheriff. Jude is to come home where he belongs, and she will have him released. When Addie's life is in danger, will Jude rescue his Addie? Or will Addie save herself and her gunslinger?

The Tripany of Calazar and Trulene by Charlotte Raby - The year of the Tripany has arrived. To Princess Serafine of Trulene's dismay, her marriage to the Royal Prince of Calazar will soon take place. In a time of parallel universes and highly advanced knowledge it seems barbaric to be forced into marriage to prevent a war. In one parallel universe, filled with fun and friends, Serafine has met a young man and fallen in love. How can she ever return and marry Prince Aiden when she has no love for him?
But how could she doom her planet to a war she can prevent?

Distracted by Rita Hestand - Jake, a deputy sheriff, rescues a damsel in distress when she has a highly unusual emergency. Instantly attracted to the victim, he becomes worried about her living alone way out on the edge of town. And strange things seem to be happening out there. It soon becomes apparent that someone doesn't want Tara in the house. Could it be the landowner or his son, who is a bit different? Is Tara really in danger? Will Jake be so distracted by his attraction to Tara, he fails to protect her?

The Test of Time by Kate Kindle - Lenore was in love with cowboy Frank McDonald, a wanderer. She is not the wandering sort and wanted to make a home with the man she loved. But, is Frank that man? When he leaves her to go on the trail and doesn't come back to finish the important discussion of their future together, she knows she must move on. But can she? Or will her love for Frank stand the test of time?

The Grey Queen and the Silver King by Christine E. Schulze - The treachery and thirst for power of one man, Sir Roark, begins a war for the Kingdom of Loz. Princess Chryselda, in line for the throne, fights alongside her men to save their city. When injured in battle, she is secreted away. Hikari, a great warrior hastens to her bedside and remains close as she heals. His love can no longer be denied, and he proposes. In a desperate attempt to defeat Sir Roark, they attempt to reach loyal friends, forced to fight as they flee. The worst happens and Hikari is mortally wounded. Death awaits them both. But will this truly be the end?

One Magic Night by Cheryl Pierson - Katrina meets an interesting, but unacceptable man, even though he is a doctor. Her father would never let her see him socially, as he's part Indian. He wants her to marry Jack, an acceptable suitor and upstanding attorney. Dr. Shay Logan has returned from medical school to set up a practice he hopes will overcome racial problems, as the town badly needs a doctor. He hasn't counted on this young woman working her way into his heart and life so quickly. Or that he would be defending her against first her father and then Jack.

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