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Desiree, a popular TV illusionist, feels compelled to visit an old, run-down curio shop, where she finds a magic wand that belonged to Merlin. The wand leads her on a perilous journey to a world in another dimension. That world is doomed to certain destruction, but the inhabitants believe that Desiree is their only hope to save them with her powerful magic. She tries to convince them that she has no real magic abilities, but is only an illusionist.

Trynt, a shaman for the Komandi tribe, is sent on a quest to find why strange, extremely dangerous, beasts have suddenly appeared in the outlands of the Komandi territory. So far, the only group that ventured into the territory never returned. When Trynt enters the territory, he encounters all manner of beasts...and an alien from another world.

Aliens from a distant planet plan to invade Earth. The elves, who dwell in secret places on Earth, learn of the planned invasion. Knowing that the weapons of Earth's mortals are no match for those of the aliens, the elves decide that it is up to them to defend Earth. However, they find that even their magic might not be enough to repel the invaders.

Willy O'Toole, former nightclub entertainer, becomes a homeless beggar due to alcoholism. He meets an elf in a public park who transports him to a world of the little people. There he gains magic power himself and becomes king. But finds it more than he bargained for, with a very powerful little elf as a rival.

The chief wizard gives up on trying to school Carma in the art of sorcery because of her errant magic. But it is that same wild, errant magic that causes him to send her on an important quest.

Hiram is tricked into accepting a ring with a death curse on it. Whoever is in possession of the ring during a full moon must die. There is only one way he can rid himself of the ring: He must find someone who will willingly accept it. He can't throw it away or force it on anyone. With a full moon only days away, he tries to think of a way to rid himself of it without foisting it off on an innocent person.

Helen's uncle is an inventor, who is away on a business trip. She and her cousin sneak into his lab and play with his experimental dream machine. She has her cousin to sleep, and then tunes in on his dream. But she inadvertently joins him in his dream. Both are trapped in a strange dream world, desperately trying to find their way back to reality.

Published: Donald H Sullivan on
ISBN: 9781458110473
List price: $2.99
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